Project Description

Workout Program – Chest, Abs, Core, Leg and weight workout
Exercising have countless health benefits. Home workout is for you If you are dreaming to have abs, biceps, triceps and you won’t need to go to gym Ultimately health and fitness is what you will get by following the plan that is presented in this App. We have daily cardio workouts our app is integrated with more than 100 exercises.

Workout program
● Training plans for Ab workout.
● Chest workout and its training plans.
● Leg workout to achieve strong legs.
● You will get your biceps and triceps built.
● Maintain your workout diary.

Key Features:
● 7×4 Challenge! It is a fitness program for 30days.
● Home workout plan.
● Workout log will keep you informed how much time you have spent on daily workout.
● It has built in workout tracking & weight tracking.
● Exercise for women and exercise for men.
● Workout videos and vivid demo videos for exercises.
● Shaping your chest, abs, legs etc.
● Cardio training, strength training & personal coaching.
● Requisite intervals are added between exercises to avoid muscle damage.

Build Muscles & Lose Weight
Everyone looks for how he/she can build muscles and lose weight at the same time. You are at right place download this App and make it real. Choose the right fitness plan and start your workout. Next step is following the workout program and you will be seeing muscle building along it you will lose weight.

Important Tips
▶ Take some time to do stretching before starting workout. Do warm-up before starting exercise.
▶ Muscle stretching and warming up will prevent you from injury and will keep your muscles healthy and strong.
▶ You also need muscle stretching after the workout it will relax your muscles and won’t make you feel exhausted.

Please seek medical advice prior to commencement.

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