Project Description

πŸ€”Β Brainbow
Let your brain be tricked, have your tricky test with tricky questions?
Let’s do your brain training!
Looking for puzzle games?
The puzzles and tricks are so smart that it have brainbow effect. πŸ€”

Skills App have mixture of brain games that will test your brain with Tricky questions, Tricky test, memory games and ultimately your brain training will be performed.
We will be testing your IQ skills.

We have incorporated in Skillz – Tricky Test App:
● Tricky riddles
● Tricky questions
● Tricky test
● Memory games
● Math games
● Math tricks
● Logical brain
● Brainbow and tricks games.

Skills App is for all kids and adults. It includes more than 30 games. It’s fun to fail.
Addictive puzzles.
There are different brain exercises involved which will be performed while playing game under the hood.

*** Features ***Β 
β—‹ Beautiful graphics and fun sounds.
β—‹ Compete with players worldwide through global leaderboard
β—‹ There are games where you compete with time.
β—‹ Improve your memory and accuracy.
β—‹ Test and improve your reflexes.
β—‹ Think Outside the Box.
β—‹ You really will need to Think Outside the Box to solve tricky questions.
β—‹ Some games will really test your left vs right (What you think is right while its opposite will be right actually.)
β—‹ Clever and Smart thinking.
β—‹ Concentration training and that to be in a fun way. Thinking games.
β—‹ Mathematical puzzles and educational puzzles.

● Use the coins to get hints if you can’t Think Outside the Box. Don’t get yourself be tricked. Get coins by completing levels and use those coins to help you in unlocking more levels.

● Powerup your brain and compete with the friends around the world.
Do you have the ability of pictoword guess? Guess the words from pic like you have to convert pic to word. And again you have to Think Outside the Box to do this.

Exercise your brain with memory games and math games. Enhance your mind skills with the mind games. Do you really think that you are a genius? Let’s take these tests to see if you think you are right.

● In skills we have fun brain games, thinking games. Where you will be having fun while improving your brain skills, memory, accuracy and speed.

Let us know have you been stumped with the puzzles and riddles? And are you liking this you are having fun being stumped? As will be continuously adding more puzzle games and more riddles. You really need to think logical to complete the thinking games.

Give us your feedback let us know via your feedback what is missing and what you are wanting. We will be continuously adding more free mind games.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback at