Privacy Policy of Mighty Game Studio

Mighty Games Studio respects the privacy of its users. We are dedicated to guarding the User’s information, be it yours or your child’s. We have the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time without giving any notice to you. For users under 18 you must have your guardians permission before giving us any information
Consent: By Accessing or using our Apps you agree to Privacy Policy in which we will collect non-personal information

Non Personal Information:
We may collect Non personal information which does not reveal any identification of a user. The Information consists of technical information (usage of the App/Game), behavioral information (interaction with the app), activity of the User on the App/Game, type of operating system, language, etc. Non Personal Information collected may include the following technical information:
Type of operation system (e.g. Android, iOS, etc.)
Language (e.g. English)
Device Vendor Name
Screen resolution for performance improvements.
IP Address,IMEI, Advertisement IDs etc.
CPU Type, Storage, Firmware etc.

Reasons for Information Collection
* Non-Personal Information is collected for analysis of App/Game to improve and enhance the particular App/Game and their feature sets.
* It is also collected for tracking bugs and crashes in the App/Game to improve the user experience.
We use the information we collect on your device to deliver the best services to you. Such use by us and by our Partners may include:

Keeping Product Stable: We try to Develop and deliver new and improved products, App and games with latest updates and requirements by analyzing your data.
Cross-promotion: Meaning we may promote one of our Apps/Games while you are playing any other App/Games of ours. But we always make sure children only see advertisements suitable for their age.
User Analytics: User data like In game activity and Advertisement IDs are collected for research purposes or for analyzing games so that we can improve according to user requirements. Demographic data is collected to know our user’s country which helps us in creating reports in order to analyze any changes required for a specific country.
Ads: We show ads from Google certified ad networks. In games that are not designed for families we show certified ads to children below 13 year old and we only show ads from non certified networks to adults above 13 years old.
Below are provider names of some of the third party analytics and advertising services we use. Please see the links below to learn more about the privacy policy of our third-party service providers.

Unity Ads:

To save your confidentiality and your information, we use applications industry standards to ensure privacy yet not confined to firewalls. Encoded transmissions and information encryptions of your data, anyway heartbreakingly no data encryptions on web can be sheltered, we can’t ensure the security of the information you transmit while we try to keep your information safe. You will use these organizations all alone.

If you purchase our product or do in-app purchases you need to enter payment methods which will require your very close information, regardless, all data given are secure because every such event is taken securely by the app stores and your charge, card information isn’t seen by us. Application stores use totally secure standards to ensure you.

You can simply control your information and confidential, if you don’t need that marketing parties to show you promotion’s that are according to your inclination you can select No option in application Opt-Out Screen. The Opt-Out Consent Screen comes when you first time play the game and in the settings or main menu of the application.

Children’s Privacy: (COPPA Complaint):
Data identified with kid’s privacy policy appointment is to give the legitimate guardian of a child younger than 13 years with direction in regards to our privacy policy that concern gathering, utilizing and uncovering individual data of children under 13.

Parents and legal guardians of children under 13 have certain rights under Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA,, and we recognize those rights.
We doesn’t purposely and directly gather and store on its servers any close to personal data from children under the age 13 as that would be an infringement of COPPA. Some data might be gathered by outsider suppliers of administrations (promoting systems, and so forth.) or certain products.

Retention Time and Data Deletion:

By default, all the data collected is retained. If user uninstalls the app/game all the relevant data is removed from backup systems within 180 days.

Contact US: You will probably have concerns regarding information collection. Don’t worry and if you have any query you can email us at

We reserve the right to change our privacy policies at any time, without informing you. Please frequently visit this page.