Project Description


Agenda 2019 provides a very easy way to plan your day. You can plan a day’s task hour by hour and set reminder for important tasks.

It provides very simple layout to work with. You can customise page layout by changing page colour, text colour, font style and font size. You can share data across different devices by exporting and importing data.

Agenda 2019 contains a complete manual for step by step guide to get you started.

Application contains following main features:
* Add day’s task.
* View upcoming tasks in widget.
* Set reminders for specific tasks.
* Edit or delete tasks any time.
* Customise layout for your needs.
* Change text font, color and size.
* Backup data to iCloud Drive.
* Restore data from iCloud without loosing original data.
* Add Shiftworks for particular days.
* A complete guide for all functions in app.

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