Project Description


Craft, Mine, Build, Destroy & Fight. Build your own world in this crafting & building game. Think big mine big and craft big. Builder craft is the key to your mining and crafting exploration journey.


* Amazing Biomes like: Lava, caves, green plains, snow mountains, grassy forest and savannah you will explore in blockcraft.

* This game will change to warcraft & you might have to battle with different crazy mobs like zombie villagers, lion, tiger etc.

* Limitless craft materials e.g mega bloks, stone, ice blocks, sand block, lava blocks, diamond block and many other crafts material.

* There are some peaceful animals like chicken, cow, sheep and more.

* Attacking mobs like, spiders, scorpion wolf bear. Build your own shelter;

* Go deep into the mines. Gather resources to survive;

* Mining for creative and survival worlds. Mine 3d building blocks in woodcraft with tools like axe, hoe, sword, spade and more.